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Everyone loves the idea of going on vacation, but the choices that need to be made are often overwhelming. When you are planning vacation transportation on Amelia, you need to ask yourself, do we drive, do we fly? Do we rent a car for the weekend or do we call an Uber or Lift when we need a driver? Well, if you are traveling to Amelia Island for vacation, summoning up a commercial driver may be harder than you expect.

Uber or Lift for Transportation on Amelia Island

You won’t find Uber of Lyft on Amelia Island unless one of the giant resorts is offering a big event, such as the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance. So expect a wait of about 45 minutes for a driver to arrive from Jacksonville, Florida. This can be a big problem if you are heading to the airport or anywhere else that is a ticketed event. Sure, there are a few taxi services available in Fernandina Beach, but they, too, have limited availability and scheduling is first come first served basis.

Reliable Amelia Island Transportation

If you are looking for reliable Amelia Island transportation, schedule your time with Mike Hargrove. He can pick you, and your friends and family, up from the airport. Arriving at different times? This is no problem, Mike’s Shuttles will do just that, including several trips to and from JAX if required. (Not all driving services are permitted to pick you up at Jacksonville International Airport. Mike has all of the required permits to do so.) Mike can be reserved when it is time to leave Fernandina Beach to head back home, and he can also be scheduled for special trips such as taking the kids to Disney World, or going to Jacksonville to see a sporting event or a concert.

So, don’t worry about transportation in and around Fernandina Beach, Amelia Island, or Jacksonville when you are visiting NE Florida. Give Mike a call and schedule reliable, safe transportation with Mike’s Shuttle Service. (904) 753-1560

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